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Adhesion characteristics (Bonding Mechanism) In Wood Pellet Production

Image : wood pellet

Variable raw materials including moisture content and, particle size, shape, and distribution, hardness and content Iignin thd have a major influence pellet quality and selection of appropriate process conditions. The presence of a liquid such as water during pelletization produces stylish interface (interfacial forces) and capillary pressures, then allows for increasing the bonding particles.

There are three stages in the solidification of biomass, including pellets.
Phase 1: formation of particles arrange themselves to form dense enough.
Phase 2: particles push each other and formed the nature of the plastic and elastic deformation, thus increasing the contact between the particles significantly; particles become bound by electrostatic force van der Waal.
Phase 3: a significant decline in volume due to the high pressure / compression so that the density / density pellets can be achieved.

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