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K3 in Wood Pellet Production

Image : k3 factory

Things that need to be considered in the factory area :

  • Wearing masks, boots, gloves and helmets.
  • Avoid burning trash and the like that cause a fire.
  • No smoking. The electric motor and relay equipment should be protected.
  • Exercise caution when welding and cutting metal in areas of dry sawdust many potential dangers.
  • Avoid contact with the hot surface of dry sawdust, as it could potentially cause a spark.
  • Wood pellets should not be stored longer without adequate temperature monitoring.
  • Be alert to friction, collision and sparks arising from bearing heat, moving parts, etc. which caused the accident with dry sawdust.

* Microbial activity of wood pellets will increase the temperature to 90 C, hereinafter when oxidized can cause lcebakaran. A high water content as well as the production process so that the raw materials are not exposed to temperatures> 100 C will stimulate microbial activity.

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