Company Profile

Company Profile

Brief History
PT EcoEnergi Asia was founded in 9 december 2011 , focusing on the production and trade of renewable energy in the form of the waste wood dust and pellet of mixed tropical wood.

Realizing that the population growth of the world, the world needs
1. Nonlinear increasing Energy resources
2. Reduction of carbon emissions to reduce global warming
3. Renewable energy before fossil fuel runs out

EcoEnergi Asia ("Eco") provide solutions to produce environmentally friendly renewable energy derived from industrial tropical timber waste. We believe renewable energy will someday replace fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, or at least as a co-fueling for the time being.

Vision, Mission and Philosophy
We believe that over exploration and excessive use of fossil fuel will someday take a toll on our environment. Eco vision is participate in the conservation fossil energy by producing energy substitution in the form of renewable fuel from wood waste. Eco mission is producing a consistently high quality renewable energy wood pellet.

Wood Pellet Market
Wood pellet is in great demand especially in developing countries in Asia, including Indonesia. But for developed countries, such as European countries, wood pellet market will only continue to grow given the government support on renewable energy, whereas energy production is mandatory to partialy use bio-energy, one of which is wood pellet .
For Asian countries, especially Indonesia, it is very promising since  Indonesia is a tropical country hence the raw material for wood pellet is naturally abundance and domestic demand is also on the rise.